About Us

About Us

Thyvoice ministries is a Christian based non-governmental organization that appreciates the existence of the supreme being and also appreciates the fact that Supreme being (God) created man to fulfill a purpose and for that reason, everything around man should help man to become great and comfortable.

Thyvoice ministries therefore seek to promote the well-being of man both spiritually and physically by providing the adequate means that will aid man to become what he or she aspires to become.

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  1. Prayer factory – Establish a prayer factory

Anyone can come for a free bible and prayer teaching.

2. The School Project

    – Set up a school which will start from nursery to the university level

    – Leadership school of excellence (volunteerism)

    – Adult education 

  – Skill training centre (Catering services training, carpentry decoration, Upholstery).

3. Agriculture

   – cassava plantation

   – Gari Processing Unit

   – Animal husbandry

4. Needy Home Project

   – Orphanage

   – Home for the old

5. Passions for mission programs

   – Crusades

   – Evangelism programs



Thyvoice Ministries mission cut across all areas of specialization that mostly affects lives. This ministries area of operation is to prepare people from all backgrounds for the kingdom of God by giving them access to care and after care service.

Our in-care service focuses on bringing people to the doctrines of living not any life but a Christ-like life by meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people within and outside our jurisdiction.

Our after-care program is to ensure that every encountered individual becomes an epitome of examplarable leader who can also help impact in the lives of others.


Thyvoices Ministries believes in helping to create lucrative opportunities for people to become great through the various projects listed as part of their impact driven objectives; prayer factory, the school project, agriculture, Aged and Orphanage home and the passion for the ministries program.


Theological teachers with examplarable character will be assign to teach people the gospel of Christ and this will help them understand why it is necessary to pray and why best to pray.


Our school projects cuts across all areas of operation from the early childhood school to the university level. Adult education, skilled training Centre, leadership school of excellence.


Mass production of food crops  such as cassava which we will supply since the Ghanaian market is good for cassava business. Gari processing plant with a full production team will be in place. Coffee, cocoa, maize, pepper, etc.production will be in place. Poultry is another unit of operation that will help our vision to be accomplished.


Thyvoice Ministries values the lives of the late aged people in society. A place to sleep, books to read, food to eat will be made available at no cost for aged and orphans on our possession.  


Our activities so far includes;  Preaching the goodness of Christ to people. Praying for people and encouraging others who have exposed their state to hopelessness, assisting spiritually and sometimes physically. We organize special crusade to unite the people of God. Distribution of Christian literature, cloths and bible to people, Leadership training for church leaders, etc.

It is good to know that our youth empowerment summit on entrepreneurship , sex and love and the teachings of the gospel has become a bigger story today in our ministries history since the numbers keep increasing at each event.  We believe your support to a worthy course like ours will help transform lives and make You and I a living testimony for greatness


Crusade, Evangelism programs, door to door visitation, cell meetings, youth summits on entrepreneurship, sex and love education, counseling and mentor-ship


Various NGOs and charitable organizations from all walks of lives, social groups and institutions are solidly behind our vision and they are always ready to help us


We have chalked several success in different areas that we have operated. The following areas experience significant grace.

Volta Region:-    Adaklu Torda, Adakluwaya, Hohoe, Ho, Klefe, Abutia, Nkwata and Damanko 

Greater Accra:-  Mataheko, Dodowa

Eastern Region:– Suhun and Adomi

Central Region:– Amoanikrom, Danyati, Mafi, Monkowoa (TwifoPraso District)

Ashanti Region:– Tweapaese, Asilarikrom, Edwihase, Adansi Pransu, Sians

small efforts make big change